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The services I offer ensure your pets happiness, health and well-being receive the best care possible while ensuring your home is safe and secure. Schedule your vacation today & have peace of mind to enjoy stress-free time away.

**Please keep in mind, dogs of all breeds and ages (and cats!) are most comfortable in their own environment while keeping their regular day-to-day routine the same**

Services & Rates 
updated January 2022

Dog Walking 

Daily dog walking / pet sitting  to ensure all your pets are taken care of and get out to enjoy the outdoors during the day whether you're at work or away taking a much needed day trip.
-Check in/out notifcations directly from the app I use 
-All walks are GPS tracked (exact route) and sent to your email upon completion with details and photos of our time together
-Refresh water, treats & belly rubs!
-Mail / Packages will be brought in and signed for if needed as well

30 minutes - $30
45 minutes - $40
Fee includes up to 2 pets

Pet Sitting & Overnight Care

Why ship your pets off to a kennel or boarding facility when they can stay at home, sleep in their usual spot, walk at regular time & EAT on time.... we all know our pets can get hangry if we're late for feeding time. I will provide up to 4x daily visits to your home for playtime/exercise/feedings and if they need their annual vet visit or grooming appointment, they will arrive on time...all while you're away!
Peace of mind. 

Exact times cannot be guaranteed - arrival windows are as follows:
Early morning visits 6am-9am
Midday visits 11am-3pm
Dinner visits 4:30pm-7pm
Late night visits 8pm-10pm

Price varies depending on individual needs

Cat Care

Cats, even more than dogs, hate change and hate being taken out of their environment, and now they don't have to! My standard cat care is 2x visits per day (morning and evening) for feedings, litter box cleanings, daily brushing, bringing in the mail, taking out the trash etc. 

House Sitting

Going away and don't have pets but still need someone to check in on your house, bring in the mail, adjust the lights, take out the trash? Maybe even let a contractor in or lock up at the end of the day... I have you covered. 


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